Fifty plus Minors attended making it one of the biggest Morris rallies we have ever had at Capel Manor Gardens. Many said it would not be possible to hold the rally and car show due to the pandemic restrictions. The event was rubber stamped by the London Borough of Enfield and college executives with only four weeks to go before the event. An impossible task but and working seven days a week, over 400 exhibitor cars were booked in and the public car park was full.

Much needed funds were raised on the day to support the college.

The Morris cars started to arrive and by around 10am we had most of the 50 cars settled into either their club areas or in the lines of the same type of car i.e.  2 door, traveller, four door , commercial…..

In the other area of Capel over 300 mostly classic cars and their owners were also starting to enjoy the late summer day. Stalls to look around, the lovely gardens and then of course the catering vans.

In the Morris field the judging by Tom Morley was being undertaken with special scrutiny over the Concours cars attending.

The day soon came to prize giving at 4pm before everyone set off for home after having been to the first rally to have taken place for some time because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

A great success.